Benefits for Students

Interactive Lessons Designed with 5E Instructional Model

Learners are continuously engaged in the learning journey

and gain deep understanding of the objectives.

Specially Crafted Series of Science Lessons According to Curriculum

Each interactive object in the lesson is designed to enable learners

to explore topics in-depth.

The “Let’s Engage” interactive will introduce students to the topic and activate their prior knowledge. In most of such interactives, students will observe a phenomenon and make predictions. As the lesson progresses, students will find out whether their predictions are correct.

In “Let’s Explore” interactive, students get to carry out investigation and explore new concept through concrete learning experiences.  For example, with limited knowledge about making a kazoo, students will try explore the concept of how sound is produced  by making their own kazoo.

In “Let’s Explain” interactive, students will be formally introduced to the proper scientific terminology. It is also where students synthesize new knowledge and addresses misconceptions. Students will also know if the predictions that they have made in previous activities are correct.

In “Let’s Elaborate” interactive, students will apply what they have learned by developing a deeper understanding. This can be done through additional investigations or creating new models to cement their knowledge. 

Students will demonstrate whether they have a complete grasp of the core concepts by answering questions in the “Let’s Evaluate” interactive.

Access Lessons Anytime and Anywhere

Compatibility with different devices ensures that learning is convenient

in both classrooms and at home.