Through Gameplay and Problem-Solving

Learning Science Made Easy

Through Gameplay and Problem-Solving

Learning Science Made Easy

We simplify complex STEM concepts with lively, clear explanations, ensuring effective and engaging learning.

We integrate gamification into our curriculum, turning learning into an exciting, motivational journey.

We foster a lifelong passion for learning, encouraging students to develop regular, beneficial learning habits.

STEMWerkz puts your child in the driver’s seat, enabling them to select content aligned with their abilities and interests.

Enjoy learning Science and Engineering with one STEM app

With one STEMWerkz app, learning is a never-ending adventure! Let us show you!

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Intriguing Themes: Discover the intricacies of our world, from natural phenomena to human-engineered systems.

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Engaging Interactives: Dive into a plethora of animations and games, intuitively illustrating key Science and Engineering concepts.

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Comprehensive Concepts: Explore an expansive library, covering a vast spectrum of topics in Science and Engineering.

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Integrated Challenges: Apply your newfound knowledge in a host of game interactions, solving complex problems with the principles of science and engineering.

Transform Learning into Adventure:
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What Parents and Teachers Say

Best Elementary Homeschool Resources & Curriculum Award of 2021

Scored against rigorous criteria and hundreds of competing nominations, STEMWerkz was voted the best EdTech software platform. We are deeply honoured to have been selected for this award, and are proud to be highly recommended by homeschooling families everywhere!

Certified Pedagogical Quality by Education Alliance Finland (EAF)

The EAF evaluated STEMWerkz based on a global quality standard for learning solutions. Their review highlighted that STEMWerkz represents high educational quality and is proven to promote learning efficiently. As such, we are proud to announce that we acquired this certification in June 2021.

5-Star Educational App Store Certification

Certification is carried out by experienced educators, where apps are scored by their learning quality. Some aspects include : content, educational value, integration and design. We are happy to announce that STEMWerkz scored highly in all these areas, awarding us a stellar 5-star rating.

Gold Award Winner, Best Mobile App (BMA) Awards

A committee of expert designers, developers, and publishers examines each app submitted, and scoring is based on design, value, and usability. Across these metrics, STEMWerkz performed well and received multiple votes from committee members, winning us the BMA Gold award.