Learning made fun while promoting parent-child bonding

Designed by experts to activate interest, promote hands-on tinkering and investigations, enabling effective application of knowledge in practical settings!


Each Box contains all the materials required for the course, parents do not need to prepare additional materials.


Course kits include:

Bilingual Student Handbook
Bilingual Parents Guide
Letter from CEO to parents
Teaching and Use Guide
Surprise Gift

(the actual content of each box may vary with the lesson)

Online STEM Learning Journeys

Through specially curated interactive online activities and challenges to help our children grasp core science concepts and learn to apply them in daily situations.


Parental Facilitation

With the help of a detailed parent guide that is designed by STEM pedagogy experts, parents can now journey with their children in this interactive learning process, facilitation the learning of STEM knowledge and practices through clever questioning, as they are guided to pique the curiosity of their children and celebrate each attempt to investigate and to design solutions to solve new problems.

Detailed Parent Guide, developed by our experts to help parents journey with their children, or to allow children to learn on their own

Using the 5Es Instructional Model to Promote Inquiry and Develop Problem Solving Abilities