A subscription-based online-to-offline learning experience of an interactive digital learning course, with a lab-in-a-box for a full laboratory experience at home, empowering children to Investigate, Discover, Design, Invent (iDDi).

Each box set centres on a topic of discovery in the natural world and problem solving challenges presented in the form of an online guided learning journey, hands-on investigation-design activities for children to tinkle and discover, and interactive quiz questions that model real-life problems to be solved.

A Complete Learning Experience

Each learning journey in STEMWerkz Investigators follows an inquiry-based approach through the 5Es instructional model to help our learners explore and apply scientific knowledge and concepts in authentic settings.

Product Components

  • STEMWerkz Quest Journey that is accessed from STEMWerkz for unsupervised learning:
    • Guided set of online guided interactive instructional activities for the span of the lesson;
    • Demonstration Videos for Hands-on work.
  • Activity Book.
  • Lab-in-a-Box STEMWerkz Investigator Toolbox for hands-on-work.


Bundled: 1 month’s subscription for STEMWerkz digital platform


Designed for learners from 7 to 11 years old, available as standalone kits or bundled as an enrichment programmes, the titles include:


  • Our Junior Explorers (7-9 years old)
  • Our Advanced Explorers (10-11 years old)