Nurturing Innovative Teaching to Empower Future Problem Solvers and Science Achievers

To solve real world problems, children need to be equipped with the right skills and practices to:

STEMWerkz Learn offers over 1000+ interactive contents and exam questions for students to promote inquiry and develop problem solving abilities

STEMWerkz Lessons follows the inquiry-based 5Es Instructional Model and improves student engagement by providing lessons and activities that closely match their needs and readiness. Through the deliberate testing system, the student’s areas of weaknesses are identified and is assigned relevant practices customised to each student’s needs.

A huge library of interactive learning stories in STEMWerkz Channel helps young users explore different concepts in science and engineering. These learning stories are organised into topics and playlists which gives students the freedom of choice of science topics to learn and how fast they wish to learn them.

Play hero in the town-building game, STEAMValley! Use your Science knowledge, apply Engineering practices, and use Mathematical skills to help the characters solve problems.

Join the monthly quiz challenge within STEAMValley with a series of quiz questions to complete within a limited time. Players in the top 5 of the leaderboard each month are rewarded with a limited edition piece of infrastructure for their town!

Teachers also have access to the following features to help them facilitate their students’ lessons:

comprehensive, detailed lesson plan designed to align with required standards, allowing educators to be equipped to conduct engaging and effective lessons.

assignment of content, tracking of progress gain full control – gives teachers the necessary insights to easily incorporate activities into their classroom.