Seamlessly launch hands-on investigations in class!

Turn every classroom into a lively laboratory for endless science and engineering investigations

Hey Science Educators,

Do you feel that…


Science lessons lack hands-on investigation


Teachers need to prepare extensively for lessons with hands-on activities


Lessons with hands-on investigations often involve shared resources


The thread of COVID19 infections is a barrier to conduct such lessons

What if we could…


offer each student a hands-on investigation


provide teachers with digital interactive teaching resources


let students bring home the entire Lab-in-Class Box to continue exploring


simplify teacher – student interaction simply for convenience


remove the logistical burdens before and after each lesson

With STEMWerkz Lab-in-Class, you can!

Each STEMWerkz Lab-in-Class Box contains equipment for your students to conduct investigations in up to 3 science and engineering themes. Each theme is supported by:

Find out how you can bring hands-on investigations into the classroom or the home!

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Don't let your classroom walls limit
your students' scientific discovery!