Learn Through Making

To support students to Learn through Making, it is crucial to be stepping stones for them to advance in their ideas and projects. The Learn thru’ Making initiative provides: 

Setup of FabLab for K-12

  • Maker space / Workshop for learning through making
  • Set up of tools and material inventories with guidelines

Integrated Curriculum

  • Access to activities that are specially designed integrated with the normal curriculum

Train the Trainers

  • Periodically training the trainers for operational and pedagogical methodologies required for learning through making

Accreditation of Fab

  • Scoring Incentives
  • Certification from Fab Foundation – MIT CBA (Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Centre of Bits and Atoms)**

FabLabs.io Platform

  • Access to the global network
  • Knowledge sharing, with national and international schools

Industry Collaborations

  • Student entrepreneurship programs like annual challenges through real-world problem solving