Activate Science and Engineering Processes

STEMWerkz Investigators is designed to build the young learner’s competency in science and engineering process skills through a positive spiral of discovery to engaging in arguments and constructing his own inventive ideas. As the learner progresses from the basic to advance level, the learning experiences will scaffold to help him attain more complex processes by building on simpler ones.

A Complete Learning Experience

Each learning journey in STEMWerkz Investigators follows an inquiry-based approach through the 5Es instructional model to help our learners explore and apply scientific knowledge and concepts in authentic settings.

Key Components in Each Hands-On Session

Each STEMWerkz Lab-in-Class Box contains equipment for your students to conduct investigations in up to 6 science and engineering themes.


Each hands-on session is supported by:

  • Animated STEMWerkz digital interactive resources (we call Learning Stories) for the teacher to project on screen to help your student grasp key concepts surrounding the topic;
  • Video demonstrations of each investigation to help the teacher successfully conduct the hands-on activity in class.