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Game of Science & Engineering

What is STEAMValley?

Interactive role-playing and city-building game that helps develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Players apply knowledge and practices in Science and engineering to restore peace in STEAMValley town and help it flourish. 

STEAMValley is one of the service available as a member subscription. You can sign up for 7-day STEMWerkz subscription trial to start. 

STEAMValley game is based on the story of 2 friends Warren and Norman. They started the STEAMValley town. Their friendships becomes sour due to different opinion and the relationships become sour.  NORMAN with the help of Cyborg causes some problem. Player role comes when Warren called for help. Player will be given fun science lessons along the story line. Player will learn science concept with the help of fun science lessons. The weekly tasks in STEAM Valley will allow player to earn coins by Learning, doing fun assessments and activities. 

Characters in STEAMValley

All the characters of STEAMValley game
All the characters of STEAMValley game

How to play STEAMValley?

STEAMValley game screenshot showing the townplan

Town building

Player plan and improve the town by putting the useful building. There are 50+ different type of building for player to plan and improve 3 main scores of the game Security, Economy and Recreation.

Fun Science lessons and helping residents of STEAMValley

There are 19 chapter in the game. Each chapter had a driven storyline to bring the user to the science journey where user will look at fun science activites and interactive lessons.  Each chapter comes with 20 to 30 fun science interactive lessons for the player to learn and each chapter has hundred of assessment questions to engage the player.

Tasks available in STEAMValley
Chapters in STEAMValley

Chapter 2 : Derek & the MISCHIEF MAKER

Intro : The Broken Dream

Chapter 1 : The Birth of Trouble

Chapter 2 : Derek and the Mischief Maker

Chapter 3 : Alpha’s Dilemma

Chapter 4 : Kate’s School Blues

Chapter 5 : Caught in the Act

Chapter 6 : Caught in the Act 2

Chapter 7 : The Unheeded Warning

Chapter 8 : The Wrecked Restaurant

Chapter 9 : The Disturbing News

Chapter 10A Welcome Reprieve

Chapter 11 : Cyborg’s Celebration

Chapter 12 : The Hijacked Truck

Chapter 13 : Saving Grace?

Chapter 14 : Derek Investigates

Chapter 15 : The Map

Chapter 16 : Save the Art!

Chapter 17 : Into the Lion’s Lair

Chapter 18 : Locked in

Chapter 19 : The Labyrinth

Chapter 20 : Caught You!