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Educational App Store Designated

SAN DIEGO, Calif., November 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Werkz Publishing Inc., part of the Amdon Group, has had its STEMWerkz app listed as the number one STEM App for Kids on the prestigious Educational App Store website.

A FREE trial of STEMWerkz can be obtained at

The STEM App for Kids category on the Educational App Store website describes this special list of apps as, “apps and games (that) help kids understand science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts.” And that the apps “introduc(e) children to new concepts through activities and games. (They) essentially help them live the concepts rather than only reading about them.” STEMWerkz does this by having students engage in a city-building game, go on a learning journey, or explore a library of interactive resources.

Educational App Store stated that, “Exposing kids to simple STEM ideas at an early age today sets a foundation for higher learning tomorrow. STEM apps push kids to expand their horizons, experiment, problem solve, and accept failure as a means to success. The apps below teach kids STEM concepts, make learning fun and even help with homework. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, these STEM apps are a great investment in your student’s learning in the classroom and at home.”

A full review by the Educational App Store experienced teachers can be found here; however, key points about STEMWerkz made were:

– packed with animated and interactive content
– the free trial is refreshingly easy to get
– beautifully presented and easy to use
– teaches in a relevant and interesting way
– ongoing subscriptions are priced reasonably
– offers a comprehensive approach to STEM topics for young kids

The Amdon Group have been and continue to be proud of Educational App Store’s recognition of our high quality learning app STEMWerkz among all others they have reviewed for elementary STEM learning.

About Werkz Publishing Inc:
Werkz Publishing Inc. is a Global Digital Science Education Provider, part of the Amdon Group, that provides platforms, content, and professional learning focused on best practices for how people learn science.

Mark Salata, PhD
CEO, Werkz Publishing Inc.

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