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Science Learning With Representation for All Students

SAN DIEGO, July 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Werkz Publishing Inc, part of the Amdon Group, announced that it has earned a 2021 Best Elementary Homeschool Curriculum & Resource award from How-to-Homeschool, an organization dedicated to help parents find the best homeschooling curriculum and resources.

We want all children to think, ‘I can be a scientist or engineer, if I choose to pursue it.’

Homeschooling expanded to nearly every student in public school due to the pandemic last year. STEMWerkz was created to provide engaging science learning for elementary students through gameplay and problem-solving.  It includes multiple ways for children to explore. Children learn about practical science through a channel with over 800 investigative learning stories for them to explore, an online city-building game, and curated science learning journeys.

In STEMWerkz, children connect with lovable characters such as Alpha – a floating “brain bulb” – and a diverse representation of citizens within the city-building game called STEAMValley. 
“We brought together parents, science educator experts, our graphic artists and technical team to create a unique experience for elementary-aged children based on how children learn science best. I am proud to say that we have made a science learning app that not only is educational, but has minority and female representation,” said Dr. Mark Salata, CEO of Werkz Publishing Inc.

Dr. Salata continued, ” All children must be able to see themselves in the professions and roles portrayed in any learning product. We want all children to think, ‘I can be a scientist or engineer, if I choose to pursue it.'”

Parents are encouraged to go to the How-To-Homeschool website to learn more about the award, as well as the STEMWerkz website to get a free trial.

About How-To-Homeschool:

How-to-Homeschool provides advice, reviews, and makes recommendations to parents for all their curriculum and resource needs.  As stated on their website, “This is your one stop homeschool curriculum list to see all of the Best Elementary Homeschool Curriculum & Resources we love!”

About Werkz Publishing Inc: 
Werkz Publishing Inc. is a Global Digital Science Education Provider, part of the Amdon Group, that provides platforms, content, and professional learning focused on best practices for how people learn science.

Mark Salata, PhD
CEO, Werkz Publishing Inc.

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