STEMWerkz provides a flexible learning environment to develop 21st-century skills, combining STEM pedagogy, technology, and instructional design.

The team of STEM pedagogical experts from the United States and Singapore, in consultation with leading international experts in STEM education, such as Dr. Rodger Bybee (the father of the 5E Instructional model), spent months on the drawing board, addressing how to engage children online and ensuring that they learn well and love the learning process.

We want your child to love the subject they need to study by being able to pick up concepts at their own pace with their preferred mode of learning. So we provide variety

Variety of
contents available
Variety of
learning approach
Variety of
solutions for your needs

We believe in having the right attitude in learning, so STEMWerkz focuses on keeping your child engaged so the learning never gets mundane - it keeps your child wanting to know more always!


STEMWerkz is a learning environment that will make your children love learning STEM wherever they are, whether schools are open or closed, and to do so affordably!

The Amdon Group is a leading EdTech player founded on the mission to make world-class learning of STEM and STEAM available anywhere, for anyone, in and outside of school. Amdon designs interactive learning content with an inquiry-based approach to pedagogical resources. Since its establishment in 1999, the company has empowered more than 50,000 students and STEM/ STEAM professionals across the globe to transform their learning vision into reality.


To learn more about Amdon, visit:

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