A technology-infused language learning program

The ReadNow innovative language programme is designed to revolutionise the way you acquire a new language. Infusing technology and literacy strategies into the program to overcome language comprehension barriers and increase students’ interest in reading. 

With our level-appropriate books, audio narration, smart dictionary, learning activities, and interactive games, students will enjoy the journey of improving their language skills. 

Differentiated Learning

Placement test to determine language proficiency


books unlocked

Reader unlock higher level books as they progress

Available in 3 packages:


All of BASIC features +:

  • Unlimited placement tests
  • Deliberate practice
  • Fluency and accuracy test


All of PLUS features +:

  • Parent master class
  • Monthyl story sessions

More About Our Features

  • Determines student's language proficiency
  • Unlocks level-appropriate books that students will understand
  • Ensures that every student can experience the joy of reading and improve their language skills
  • Helps improve reading skills and comprehension
  • Allows students to practice speaking fluency and accuracy
  • Provides a more engaging and interactive learning experience
  • Offers a fun and engaging learning experience
  • Includes hands-on activity instructions that help students apply what they've learned
  • Reinforces language concepts in a more tangible and enjoyable way
  • Provides detailed explanations of difficult words
  • Includes the word's meaning, grammar, pronunciation, and usage
  • Helps students understand the context of the word and how it is used in real-world scenarios
  • Reinforces learning by testing students' knowledge of the material
  • Acts as a gauge for parents and institutions to know how well students understand the book
  • Serves as proof that the student actually read the entire content of the book
  • Gamifies the reading experience to make learning fun and engaging
  • Provides an immersive and enjoyable way for students to practice and reinforce their language skills
  • Includes a scoring system to encourage friendly competition and motivate students to do their best
  • Tracks readers' progress and ability
  • Provides a comprehensive view of the student's performance, including recorded reading sessions and quiz scores
  • Encourages ownership of learning and makes the language learning process more effective and rewarding

Start improving your language skills with ReadNow today!