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K-12 STEM Education Journey
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K-12 STEM Journey

Did you know?

Demand for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) are steadily increasing, and people who understand STEM related topics are more competitive, productive and engaged. Skills developed through STEM provide them with the foundation to succeed at school and beyond employer demand for STEM qualifications and skills is high and will continue to increase in the future.


However, many teachers and students find STEM boring, irrelevant, and hard to master. That need not be the case!


Provide our children with exposure to STEM from a young age to inculcate interest and increase job opportunities in future with in-demand skills

See Possibilities

Excite students by bundling intriguing activities and demonstrations with relatibility to everyday situations through the introduction of Science concepts

Learn Through Making

Have access to activities that are specially designed to integrate with curriculum in a makers space, and build connections with industry experts

Explore Concepts

Invoke the inner young scientist and engineers in students by applying Engineering Design Process in problem-based projects

Empower Teachers & Students

Gear up with skills to tie concepts to relevant issues and topics to stimulate critical thinking through pedagogy-centric products and inquiry-based approaches

Eliminate Challenges and Common Misconceptions of STEM

Close the gaps and help students recognise the critical roles that STEM plays in our society by:

Being Well-prepared

Teachers’ confidence and enthusiasm can go a long way towards engaging students & encouraging them to be responsive. Well-supported teachers are able to deliver lessons with ease, and in return be support pillars for students in their education journey.

Being Well-equipped

Utilise technology to make learning an interactive experience that is personalized according to each learner, thereby making STEM subjects fun and interesting for students. 

Being Engaged

A quality STEM education goes way beyond the traditional textbook lesson and corresponding worksheet method of teaching. It calls for worthwhile, hands-on experiences that relate concepts to real world issues and topics, stimulate critical thinking and make students hungry for more.

The K-12 STEM Journey is designed to meet the needs of teachers (by providing relevant training) and students (by keeping them engaged), through the various programmes: See Possibilities, Explore Concepts, Empowering Teachers and Students, Learn through Making.

Check out the relevant programme tabs to find out more.

See Possibilities

Charge up the excitement of students through intriguing demonstrations that get them thinking of the phenomenon behind how and why things happen, then introduce Science concepts or explain Science themes with the assistance of interactive videos from STEMWerkz Channel so students are able to see the relevance between both activities. 


Close the loop between each classroom lesson

Have students to continue their exploration on Science themes using the guided learning journey in STEMWerkz Quests at home, or in their free time learn through play in the game-based town building zone, STEAMValley! Learning can happen beyond the classroom – it can happen anywhere!


Students are given exposure to various Science themes and hands-on investigations to pique their curiousity.

  • States of Matter: Explore how different kinds of matter exist and can be described and classified by its observable properties.


  • Energy and its forms: Investigate how sound can make matter vibrate, and vibrating matter can make sound.


  • Forces: Plan and conduct an investigation to provide evidence on how each force acts on one particular object and has both strength and a direction
  • Force, Motion and Energy: Make observations to provide evidence that energy can be transferred from place to place by sound, light, heat, and electric currents.


  • Energy and its forms: Investigate it energy is present whenever there are moving objects, sound, light, or heat.


  • The Sun’s Rays: Light and its Effects: Find out if energy can be transferred from place to place by electric currents, and if it can then be used locally to produce motion, sound, heat, or light.

Explore Concepts

Build upon students’ foundation of Science with problem-based projects. Following The Framework (Robert H. Tai, Associate Professor of Education, UVA’s School of Education and Human Development), from identifying problems to designing solutions, we motivate students to practice ownership and stewardship while applying their Science and Engineering knowledge to bring their projects to fruition.


These projects are designed alongside the teaching team and aligned to curriculum, where opportunities are made to allow hands-on tinkering, independent research work, tagged with guidance from teachers to reinforce Science concepts where necessary. 

The structure of the Explore Concepts project leverages on the Engineering Design Process, which enables students to formulate different approaches to everyday dilemmas. This process is provides support in creative problem solving and decision making, encouraging students to continuously evaluate which approach is likely to bring the greatest success.


Empower Teacher & Students

We recognise that teacher empowerment is crucial in developing competence in their professional development, allowing them to discover their potential to in turn empower students. 


Teachers and students are provided with a pedagogy-centric product that relate concepts to real world issues and topics to stimulate critical thinking. Self-directed Learning Technologies are employed to make learning an interactive experience and personalized according to each student, thus making STEM subjects fun and interesting for students.


Beyond the access and familiarity of the product, STEMWerkz, teachers are also well supported with in-depth STEM Training, including understanding of inquiry-based approaches and the application of the 5Es Intructional Model.

Learn Through Making

To support students to Learn through Making, it is crucial to be stepping stones for them to advance in their ideas and projects. The Learn thru’ Making initiative provides: 

Setup of FabLab for K-12

  • Maker space / Workshop for learning through making
  • Set up of tools and material inventories with guidelines

Integrated Curriculum

  • Access to activities that are specially designed integrated with the normal curriculum

Train the Trainers

  • Periodically training the trainers for operational and pedagogical methodologies required for learning through making

Accreditation of Fab

  • Scoring Incentives
  • Certification from Fab Foundation – MIT CBA (Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Centre of Bits and Atoms)** Platform

  • Access to the global network
  • Knowledge sharing, with national and international schools

Industry Collaborations

  • Student entrepreneurship programs like annual challenges through real-world problem solving

STEMWerkz: Home

StemWerkz logo

To face an unpredictable world, every child will need to be able to identify and solve problems as they grow up. Through STEMWerkz, we aim to equip children with the ability to ask the right questions, define problems, and design solutions.


Making learning STEM fun, one topic at a time, with STEMWerkz.

STEAMValley 3

STEMWerkz offers multiple zones to learn and

practice Science and Engineering concepts:

Embark on a guided learning journey with STEMWerkz Quests! This zone sequences the interactive videos in a progressive manner that facilitates the learning process, and recommends content according to grade levels. Receive rewards as you achieve different milestones.

WerkzTV provides educational entertainment, keeping the learners engaged through activities and virtual experiments, along with fun explanations of Science themes.

Play hero in the town-building game, STEAMValley! Use your Science knowledge, apply Engineering practices, and use Mathematical skills to help the characters solve problems.

Immerse in our library of more than 800 mini interactive videos, STEMWerkz Channel! The contents are searchable by topics or concepts, to help with revisions or prepare ahead for school lessons. 

Parents can utilise the Parent Portal to observe your child’s progress in STEMWerkz Quests, and get everything you need to know at a glance. Now you too have the ability to guide your child as they carry on with their learning process. Use powerful management tools to:

Enjoy learning Science and Engineering with one STEM app!

A subscription-based online-to-offline learning experience of an interactive digital learning course, with a lab-in-a-box for a full laboratory experience at home, empowering children to Investigate, Discover, Design, Invent (iDDi).

Each box set centres on a topic of discovery in the natural world and problem solving challenges presented in the form of an online guided learning journey, hands-on investigation-design activities for children to tinkle and discover, and interactive quiz questions that model real-life problems to be solved.

Product Components

  • STEMWerkz Quest Journey that is accessed from STEMWerkz for unsupervised learning:
    • Guided set of online guided interactive instructional activities for the span of the lesson;
    • Demonstration Videos for Hands-on work.
  • Activity Book.
  • Lab-in-a-Box STEMWerkz Investigator Toolbox for hands-on-work.


Bundled: 1 month’s subscription for STEMWerkz digital platform

Designed for learners from 7 to 11 years old, available as standalone kits or bundled as an enrichment programmes, the titles include:


  • Our Junior Explorers (7-9 years old)
  • Our Advanced Explorers (10-11 years old)
stemwerkz investigators logo

Activate Science and Engineering Processes

STEMWerkz Investigators is designed to build the young learner’s competency in science and engineering process skills through a positive spiral of discovery to engaging in arguments and constructing his own inventive ideas. As the learner progresses from the basic to advance level, the learning experiences will scaffold to help him attain more complex processes by building on simpler ones.

A Complete Learning Experience

Each learning journey in STEMWerkz Investigators follows an inquiry-based approach through the 5Es instructional model to help our learners explore and apply scientific knowledge and concepts in authentic settings.


Key Components in Each Hands-On Session

Each STEMWerkz Lab-in-Class Box contains equipment for your students to conduct investigations in up to 6 science and engineering themes.


Each hands-on session is supported by:

  • Animated STEMWerkz digital interactive resources (we call Learning Stories) for the teacher to project on screen to help your student grasp key concepts surrounding the topic;
  • Video demonstrations of each investigation to help the teacher successfully conduct the hands-on activity in class.
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Learning made fun while promoting parent-child bonding

Designed by experts to activate interest, promote hands-on tinkering and investigations, enabling effective application of knowledge in practical settings!

Each Box contains all the materials required for the course, parents do not need to prepare additional materials.


Course kits include: 

  • Bilingual Student Handbook
  • Bilingual Parents Guide
  • Letter from CEO to parents
  • Teaching and Use Guide
  • Surprise Gift
(the actual content of each box may vary with the lesson)

Online STEM Learning Journeys

Through specially curated interactive online activities and challenges to help our children grasp core science concepts and learn to apply them in daily situations.


Parental Facilitation

With the help of a detailed parent guide that is designed by STEM pedagogy experts, parents can now journey with their children in this interactive learning process, facilitation the learning of STEM knowledge and practices through clever questioning, as they are guided to pique the curiosity of their children and celebrate each attempt to investigate and to design solutions to solve new problems.

Detailed Parent Guide, developed by our experts to help parents journey with their children, or to allow children to learn on their own

Using the 5Es Instructional Model to Promote Inquiry and Develop Problem Solving Abilities


A technology-infused language learning program

The ReadNow innovative language programme is designed to revolutionise the way you acquire a new language. Infusing technology and literacy strategies into the program to overcome language comprehension barriers and increase students’ interest in reading. 

With our level-appropriate books, audio narration, smart dictionary, learning activities, and interactive games, students will enjoy the journey of improving their language skills. 

Differentiated Learning

Placement test to determine language proficiency


books unlocked

Reader unlock higher level books as they progress

Available in 3 packages:


All of BASIC features +:

  • Unlimited placement tests
  • Deliberate practice
  • Fluency and accuracy test


All of PLUS features +:

  • Parent master class
  • Monthyl story sessions

More About Our Features

  • Determines student's language proficiency
  • Unlocks level-appropriate books that students will understand
  • Ensures that every student can experience the joy of reading and improve their language skills
  • Helps improve reading skills and comprehension
  • Allows students to practice speaking fluency and accuracy
  • Provides a more engaging and interactive learning experience
  • Offers a fun and engaging learning experience
  • Includes hands-on activity instructions that help students apply what they've learned
  • Reinforces language concepts in a more tangible and enjoyable way
  • Provides detailed explanations of difficult words
  • Includes the word's meaning, grammar, pronunciation, and usage
  • Helps students understand the context of the word and how it is used in real-world scenarios
  • Reinforces learning by testing students' knowledge of the material
  • Acts as a gauge for parents and institutions to know how well students understand the book
  • Serves as proof that the student actually read the entire content of the book
  • Gamifies the reading experience to make learning fun and engaging
  • Provides an immersive and enjoyable way for students to practice and reinforce their language skills
  • Includes a scoring system to encourage friendly competition and motivate students to do their best
  • Tracks readers' progress and ability
  • Provides a comprehensive view of the student's performance, including recorded reading sessions and quiz scores
  • Encourages ownership of learning and makes the language learning process more effective and rewarding

Start improving your language skills with ReadNow today!