Each STEMWerkz Lab-in-Class Box contains equipment for your students to conduct investigations in up to 6 science and engineering themes.

Each theme is supported by:

(we call Learning Stories) for the teacher to project on screen to help your student grasp key concepts surrounding the topic

of each investigation to help the teacher successfully conduct the hands-on activity in class.

Hands-on resources for the Teacher to implement practical STEM learning programs in the Classroom, to build a strong foundation in problem solving for our children

TopicsLesson TitleKey Activities
Diversity of Living and Non-living thingsIs It A Living Thing? Experimenting with yeast as a living thing
Diversity of Materials Marvelous Material Investigate which materials are waterproof
Diversity of Materials London Bridge Is Falling Down Studying different materials and selecting the ones to construct a bridge.
Amazing Body Systems My Amazing Body Identify different body parts
Amazing Body Systems Robotic Hands Construct skeletal muscular system of the forearm
Amazing Body Systems Digestive System Identify mouth, teeth, stomach and their role in digestion
Plants and their parts Growing Plants Growing a plant from seeds provided.
Magnets and their characteristics Magic Nail Constructing Electromagnet
TopicsLesson TitleKey Activities
Light & Shadows My Shadow Investigating shadow formation on a screen
Light & Shadows Eyeing The Tv Investigating path of light and reflection of light using mirrors
Light & Shadows Eyeing The Tv Constructing periscope using mirrors
Heat & Temperature Heat Gain, Heat Lost Testing different material to slow / speed up rate of ice cube melting
Heat & Temperature What Is Temperature Constructing a simple 'thermometer' to investigate effect of warm/cold on level of coloured liquid
Living & Non-living things A Bug's Life Card activity to learn the life cycle of different organisms
Cycles in Matter What Is Oobleck? Investigation to make oobleck to show neither solid or liquid
TopicsLesson TitleKey Activities
Sources, forms and uses of energy Lights, Sound Action Investigating sounds of beans in a container + constructing musical instrument using tubes containing water of different levels
Sources, forms and uses of energy The Moving Energy Experimenting with ramps and speed of objects moving along it them.
Sources, forms and uses of energy Ready, Set, Go! Constructing toy car that is propelled by elastic energy to show energy conversion
Interaction of forces Force: Is It A Push Or Pull? Observe how a push or a pull can affect an object to move or function
Interaction of forces The Force That Makes Things Fall Construct Earth-Moon model to explore gravitational force
Interaction of forces Confetti Launcher Challenge Constructing, modifying and studying projectile of confetti launcher
Interaction within the environment Our Natural Resources Card Game
TopicsLesson TitleKey Activities
The Water Cycle Rain, Rain, Go Away Investigating water evaporation; simulating condensation in clouds & rainfall.
Plant System Plant Growing Recognising characteristics of living things
Respiratory & Circulatory Systems Breathe In, Breathe Out Demonstrate the respiratory system using the model kit
Respiratory & Circulatory Systems Beating Heart Demonstrate the circulatory system using the model kit
Electrical System Feel The Flow: Constructing Series/Parallel Circuits Recognise whether electricity flows in a given circuit.
Electrical System Feel The Flow: Testing For Conductors Of Electricity Apply the model of energy forms and conversion to explain the conversions of energy that power an electric clock using citric acid
Electrical System Electricity Session 1 Card Game
Electrical System Electricity Session 2Apply knowledge of actions and activities of using electricity to propose ways to conserve electricity.

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