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Exploring STEM for elementary kids is very important to their development. Not only does it open doors to future learning, but it also helps them fall in love with science and technology through hands-on learning. With STEMWerkz, that’s easy!

Monkey and Mom


“What I like the most about (STEMWerkz) is that the concepts presented use of proper scientific terms.  Most science apps are either too difficult to navigate or have simplified information.  I feel that STEMWerkz is at the sweet spot: not too much and not too little.”

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“(STEMWerkz) has everything you need to create captivating and engaging STEM learning in your homeschool.”

Pamela Diez

Elementary teacher, USA

I am delighted with our school’s decision to purchase the STEMWerkz program to enhance our student’s curriculum. The platform is user-friendly and visually engaging for children. Educators have multiple ways of using this system. Our students love engaging with STEMWerkz interactive content. They are eager to practice what they learn and are excited at their success.

Tracy Kirsten

Elementary teacher, S Africa

I was lucky enough to stumble into the world of STEMWerkz, which has proved to be a game-changer in terms of my teachers’ abilities to deliver fun, factual and specific STEM activity and interaction for my students. The ability to be able to use the learning journeys incorporated into the learning objects to match and expand the children’s skills, knowledge and understanding has not only been a breath of fresh air but, it has been specific to improved results in our Science department as it enables children to identify, structure and develop their own skill-sets.



My son LOVES playing STEAMValley. The game is very well made and as a parent, I am really impressed with the learning content. On one level, he has to solve different Science quests guided by helpful interactive presentations. Then, he has to manage his town, and this teaches him concepts like planning, prioritising, and problem-solving. It is a fantastic learning resource and a blessing, especially during the school break!

Apply knowledge of the relative strength of the magnetic force at the poles as compared to the other parts of a bar magnet to Predict the outcome of experiments comprising a bar magnet attracting magnetic material throughout its length.
Katherine Saunar


I love how this helps children enjoy learning science. STEMWerks makes it fun for them and teaches them critical thinking through the activities.

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Best Elementary Homeschool Resources & Curriculum Award of 2021

Scored against rigorous criteria and hundreds of competing nominations, STEMWerkz was voted the best EdTech software platform. We are deeply honoured to have been selected for this award, and are proud to be highly recommended by homeschooling families everywhere!

Education Alliance Finland Certificate 2021

Certified Pedagogical Quality by Education Alliance Finland (EAF)

The EAF evaluated STEMWerkz based on a global quality standard for learning solutions. Their review highlighted that STEMWerkz represents high educational quality and is proven to promote learning efficiently. As such, we are proud to announce that we acquired this certification in June this year.

5-Star Educational App Store Certification

Certification is carried out by experienced educators, where apps are scored by their learning quality. Some aspects include : content, educational value, integration and design. We are happy to announce that STEMWerkz scored highly in all these areas, awarding us a stellar 5-star rating.

Gold Award Winner, Best Mobile App (BMA) Awards

A committee of expert designers, developers, and publishers examines each app submitted, and scoring is based on design, value, and usability. Across these metrics, STEMWerkz performed well and received multiple votes from committee members, winning us the BMA Gold award.