Next Generation

STEM Streaming Service

for Your Child

Round-the-clock multimodal learning experience in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Get access to all 4 STEMWerkz Zones in your subscription!

Developed for kids aged 5-12 years old

Watch, Interact and Learn

With hundreds of interactive presentations for kids to apply science and engineering practices while learning everyday STEM topics.

Learn and Be Involved

Live enrichment lessons conducted by AMDON’s dynamic group of certified educators, using an inquiry-based curriculum designed by pedagogy experts.

(Conducted in English; Currently available for Eastern hemisphere time zones, although STEMWerkz subscribers worldwide are welcome to attend the lessons)

Apply and Solve

An interactive role-playing and city-building game that helps develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Kids apply their knowledge and practices in science and engineering to restore peace in STEAMValley and help it flourish.


Kids get to apply what they’ve learned to a STEM challenge and earn badges. Parents can track their child’s STEM learning and  revision/study materials will be recommended in preparation for each challenge!

Only USD6.99/month per child!