Letting the Cold In: The Science Behind Heat and Cold in STEM

It was a chilly winter afternoon when I was visiting a friend’s house. As I absentmindedly left the window ajar, my friend exclaimed, “Close the window! You’re letting the cold in!” We shared a good laugh, but it got me thinking: is cold something that actually “comes in”, or are we, in fact, letting the heat out?

Disappearing Lakes and Expanding Deserts: How a Changing Water Cycle Affects Our Landscapes

Imagine a vast, shimmering lake, brimming with life. Birds soar above, fish dart below the water’s surface, and children play gleefully along the shore. Fast forward a few decades, and that same spot has become a barren desert, with cracked earth where water once flowed.

Understanding mRNA: Bridging Cells, Technology, and Vaccines

When your child first learns about cells, it’s easy to marvel at these tiny building blocks of life. Cells are where the magic of life happens, and recent scientific advancements have put a particular kind of cellular machinery – mRNA – under the limelight. Let’s embark on a journey to understand this exciting domain of science, and how it’s revolutionizing the world of medicine, particularly vaccines.

What We Share with Trees: A Carbon-Based Connection

Unraveling the difference between plant and animal cells isn’t just fascinating; it’s foundational in STEM. By understanding these basic cellular differences, we lay the groundwork for more complex scientific explorations. And it’s through questions like your child’s that we rediscover the wonder of the world around us.

Survival with Magnets: James’ Story Brought to Light with STEMWerkz EDU Series

Lost in Canada’s vast forests, young James’ survival came down to one crucial STEM lesson he remembered from STEMWerkz EDU. Dive into our latest blog to discover how a simple magnet lesson can make a world of difference in real-life scenarios. Knowledge isn’t just power; it can be a lifesaver.

Introducing the STEMWerkz EDU Series: “Electrifying Insights”

Circuit blueprints, dancing electrons, and the electric pulse shaping our future. 🌍💡 Dive into the first part of our STEMWerkz series to discover why understanding electricity is pivotal for our next generation. Empower your child to be more than just a user – let them become the informed innovators of tomorrow!